My reaction to the gracious love offering that was taken up for me,  at the Gala event on August 4th, is to write each one that contributed, a THANK YOU note. I know each one of you would understand the commitment in time that it would take to do so for so, so many contributed. Therefore my efforts are  directed to expressing, as adequately as I can, my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for and to all that made contributions. It is very difficult to put into words the emotions and the reactions that surfaced when I learned of the offering. 

 Rev. Denise actually brought the offering to my daughter's house on that Saturday night immediately after the Gala and hand delivered it to me. I had no idea that the offering had taken place, had no idea that she was coming by, and , I had no idea when she arrived that she had made the stop solely to hand deliver to me a very thick envelope. An envelope that could be described as being thick with checks and cash but too , another way to see it might be that it was very full of love.

 My wife, Joyce died the morning of Saturday, August the 4th, around 10:00 and Denise arrived there at my daughter's home that same evening to hand me the offering. 

Thank you to each and everyone within the Disciples of Christ church. . . . the ones that I know by name and sight and too the ones that I'm not so familiar with but, that still contributed. And, thanks to those that blessed my heart by honoring my wife and being at the service. I was very moved and touched by your presence and efforts of support. Too, I'm so thankful for the flowers, prayers, expressions of sympathy, and  love  for me and my family during a very sad, sudden and heart breaking time. 

God Bless each and everyone .

Tommy Freeman

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